About Keruilai

About Keruilai

Keruilai was founded in the year 2001, and over the course of the last 22 years, the company has consistently strived for excellence. As a result of its unwavering dedication, Keruilai has become a well-known global organization. It boasts advanced manufacturing facilities, a state-of-the-art research and development center, and a strong and effective sales network.

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Since its inception, Keruilai has dedicated its efforts to the advancement and manufacture of evaporative air coolers designed for industrial, commercial, and residential use, all under one roof. Presently, Keruilai offers comprehensive solutions to cater to various air cooling requirements, spanning from 300 cubic meters per hour (CMH) to an impressive 100,000 CMH airflow capacity. Keruilai's global presence extends to 50 countries and continues to expand steadily.

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Solutions or Applications

Solutions or Applications

Over the course of several years, Keruilai has assembled a remarkable team of professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in various domains, including research and development, product management, sales, and marketing.

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Technical support

Technical support

Keruilai possesses state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of large-scale evaporation, measuring air volume and pressure, and assessing noise levels.

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the evaporative cooling technology of Keruilai is also highly recognized by the industry. As the leader of the drafting group and the main drafting unit, Keruilai has participated in the formulation of a number of national industry standards for evaporative air conditioners and cooling fans. And obtained more than 50 patents for domestic inventions,utility model and appearance.

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Thanks to the exceptional teamwork, Keruilai received numerous prestigious accolades, including designations such as "Notable Trademarks of Guangdong Province," "Guangdong's Distinguished Brand Product," "High-Tech Enterprise," and "National AAAA Standardization Excellence in the Industry," among others.

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Corelle Winter industrial machine maintenance manual

Release time:2024-01-15
Reading volume:137

Air conditioner daily maintenance in winter

Air conditioner daily maintenance

To pay attention to the chassis cleaning, every day should press the control board on the “ Cleaning ” Key for water cleaning, to prevent bacteria, odor.

Air conditioner periodic maintenance

The unit runs for 1-2 months, if the wet curtain, filter screen is blocked or the site is too dirty, it should be cleaned in time to avoid machine failure or affect its operation effect.

End of winter maintenance

In order to prevent freezing damage to the body and the breeding of mosquitoes, when it is stopped for a long time, the tap water should be turned off and then the cleaning button should be pressed to remove water, and the power supply should be cut off.

Air conditioner main engine cleaning method


Power supply precautions


Disconnect the main power supply (disassemble the control board, so as not to mislead someone to start, causing danger)


Disassemble the filter


Unscrew the screw on the filter net, lift the filter net upward, and then pull the filter shading part outward, that is, remove the filter net.


How to clean it?


Soak and rinse with clean water (do not put any chemicals, so as not to corrode the wet curtain and filter, water pressure should not be too high, so as not to damage the filter and wet curtain)


Spray pipe flushing method


First, cover the fan with waterproof material, connect tap water to the spray pipe and cleaning port, and rinse the spray pipe with clean water.

Finishing step


Wash the bottom basin of the host with clean water, reinstall the eight filters or wet curtains back to the host, reconnect the main power supply of the environmental protection air conditioner, and then perform other operations after 5 minutes.

Cooling fan host cleaning method


Remove the wet curtain


Unscrew the top of the wet curtain first. Hold the shutter at the top of the wet curtain, pull the wet curtain gently outward and then lift it slightly upward to remove the wet curtain.


Remove top cover and pipe assembly


Unscrew the top cover first, then lift the top cover up and take it off. Loosen the hose band on the water supply pipe and loosen the water supply pipe, lift the cloth pipe assembly up and remove.


Cleaning of the cloth pipe


If the hole on the cloth pipe is blocked, it can be dredged with wire, and then clean the stain on the cloth pipe with clean water.


Chassis and accessories cleaning


Clean the chassis: Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the chassis


Clean the leaf: Use a soft cloth to wipe the leaf. Be careful not to drop dust from the blades into the duct


Clean the water level sensor: the stain on the water level can be cleaned with a small wet cloth


Cleaning the pump: brush can be used to clean the stains on the pump and its filter net


Clean the drain valve: Pay attention to the dirt at the bottom of the drain valve


Wet screen cleaning



Wash the wet curtain from the inside out with clean water (Note: the water pressure should not be too high during cleaning, it is forbidden to use acid or alkaline cleaning detergent to clean the wet curtain)


Filter cleaning



Unscrew the back cover of the filter and remove the stain on the filter element.



Put it back


After cleaning, install the machine in reverse order according to the removed steps. (Warning: When cleaning the unit must stop and turn off the power supply, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock or other injuries to the human body.)


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