About Keruilai

About Keruilai

Keruilai was founded in the year 2001, and over the course of the last 22 years, the company has consistently strived for excellence. As a result of its unwavering dedication, Keruilai has become a well-known global organization. It boasts advanced manufacturing facilities, a state-of-the-art research and development center, and a strong and effective sales network.

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Since its inception, Keruilai has dedicated its efforts to the advancement and manufacture of evaporative air coolers designed for industrial, commercial, and residential use, all under one roof. Presently, Keruilai offers comprehensive solutions to cater to various air cooling requirements, spanning from 300 cubic meters per hour (CMH) to an impressive 100,000 CMH airflow capacity. Keruilai's global presence extends to 50 countries and continues to expand steadily.

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Solutions or Applications

Solutions or Applications

Over the course of several years, Keruilai has assembled a remarkable team of professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in various domains, including research and development, product management, sales, and marketing.

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Technical support

Technical support

Keruilai possesses state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of large-scale evaporation, measuring air volume and pressure, and assessing noise levels.

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the evaporative cooling technology of Keruilai is also highly recognized by the industry. As the leader of the drafting group and the main drafting unit, Keruilai has participated in the formulation of a number of national industry standards for evaporative air conditioners and cooling fans. And obtained more than 50 patents for domestic inventions,utility model and appearance.

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Contact us

Thanks to the exceptional teamwork, Keruilai received numerous prestigious accolades, including designations such as "Notable Trademarks of Guangdong Province," "Guangdong's Distinguished Brand Product," "High-Tech Enterprise," and "National AAAA Standardization Excellence in the Industry," among others.

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Cooling, humidification and purification functions

High-efficiency wet curtain, high cooling efficiency

Large diameter centrifugal wind wheel, large air volume and low noise

Multi-function control panel and remote control function

Natural wind, sleep wind, standard wind, three wind types are reversible

Up and down manual, left and right automatic air supply

Adjustable wind speed in three levels: high, medium and low

Negative ion purification function

1-9 hours scheduled shutdown

Filter dust removal

Automatic alarm for water shortage

Application Scenario

  • Bedroom

  • livingroom

  • kitchen

  • KTVbox

  • office

  • Cooling, humidification and purification functions

  • High-efficiency wet curtain, high cooling efficiency

  • Large-diameter cross-flow impeller, large air volume and low noise

  • Natural wind, sleep wind, standard wind, three types of wind are available

  • Adjustable wind speed in three levels: high, medium and low

  • Multi-function control panel and long-distance remote control

Product parameters

model Grand
Air volume (m³/Hr) 3500
Applicable space (m³) 175
Power(W) 280
Water storage capacity (L) 39
Machine weight (net weight) (KG) twenty three
Gross weight (KG) 28
Evaporation volume**(L/H) 7
Energy efficiency ratio (w/w) 25
Noise (sound pressure level@1m)*(dB(A)) 55
Overall machine size (mm) 620x440x1170
Outer box size (mm) 680x520x1240
Cabinet quantity (PCS/40HQ) 146

Product Details