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Preventive maintenance measures can increase the overall life of an Air Cooler.

To keep your Air Cooler in top condition, please check the following:

oil icon Motor and pump oiling.
tank icon Cleaning of water tank against scaling.
pipe icon Checking for any loose connections in internal electrical components. Cleaning of the submersible pump impeller and other parts for proper water flow.
tube icon Cleaning of water distribution pipe / channels for even distribution of water on all sides.
cooler icon Cleaning of internal / external parts of the cooler body.

Benefits of Cooling Pad Replacement

  • The life of a cooling pad is for one season only, after that evaporation is reduced.
  • The cooling pad is the only cooling media for effective cooling.
  • Choking of pads can give bad smell.
  • Choking of pads can breed germs / bacteria.
  • Choking of pads will result in less air delivery.
  • Choking of pads will result in overload on motor, thus causing more power consumption.
  • Sagging pads lead to water throwing & other problems.
  • Yearly change of cooling pad provides optimum cooling.

We recommend preventive maintenance & replacing the pads every year by registering request either on +86-769-22188788 ext. 963/780 or

visit us at www.keruilai.com

Cooling pads & preventive maintenance service are not covered under warranty.


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