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Experience "Cool" like no other. Experience Keruilai.

At Keruilai, our people and their passion for innovation drive new air cooling technology that solves complex cooling challenges across the globe. Here, different points of view are encouraged and every opinion is valued. We don't just acknowledge diversity, we celebrate and thrive on it.

Our people philosophy centres on being 'COOL'.

C – Collaborative, committed and conscientious
O – Original in thinking and imagination
O – Open to ideas and creativity
L – Leading the way, setting the right example

Being 'COOL' means bringing your real self to work. This is how we redefine "work". Because, we "enjoy" every moment of being at Keruilai, every moment of creating air cooling history.


Keruilai is a global evaporative air cooling company.

Products & Solutions

Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

Quality Commitment

Today, Keruilai is a powerful and trusted air cooling brand. To us, our brand name, that we imprint on our products with pride, represents a commitment we make.