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Ideate, Innovate and Invent. Redefine “Work” at Keruilai.

Engineers and air cooling technologists are at the heart of Keruilai's mission to create the world's best air coolers. Our legacy of relentless innovation means you'll be part of a smart team of inventors, innovators and problem-solvers. A team that creates some of the most remarkable air-cooling advancements and experiences around the world.

Our people work at our state-of-the-art facilities at Guangdong, China using the most advanced manufacturing processes. If you enjoy working with the latest technology in a rewarding, fast-paced environment, a career at Keruilai is for you.

With our size, geographic reach, and R&D capabilities, Keruilai offers endless career opportunities. Opportunities that enable personal development, professional growth, and working with outstanding teams across the globe. At the end, it's not just about air cooling, it's about what you can do with air cooling tomorrow.

Are you ready to build a new tomorrow at Keruilai? Write to us at [email protected].


Keruilai is a global evaporative air cooling company.

Products & Solutions

Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

Quality Commitment

Today, Keruilai is a powerful and trusted air cooling brand. To us, our brand name, that we imprint on our products with pride, represents a commitment we make.