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Our Vision

Our Vision

"To be the industry leader in premium, healthy and efficient air cooling by achieving R&D excellence, technology innovation, lean air cooler manufacturing and industry-leading customer satisfaction."

Our Values

Our Values
How we think: There is always a better way

We innovate, improve and constantly challenge the status quo. We drive change to exceed our own benchmarks and customers’ expectations.

What we create: Sustainable value

We create long-term value by contributing towards an economically and environmentally healthy and sustainable society. This is how we live our role as a corporate citizen.

How we work: With team spirit

We believe “none” of us is good as “all” of us. We honour different perspectives, share ideas and common goals globally.

How we act: With a passion for results

Our actions are consistent with our words. We deliver what we promise and strive to be the best.

Products & Solutions

Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

Quality Commitment

Today, Keruilai is a powerful and trusted air cooling brand. To us, our brand name, that we imprint on our products with pride, represents a commitment we make.


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