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In 2015, the world’s largest air cooling company, India-based Symphony Limited took over Keruilai and re-christened it as Guangdong Symphony Keruilai Air Coolers Co., Ltd.

Symphony is the world’s #1 air cooling company with a presence in over 60 countries. Cooling the world since 1939, Symphony creates game-changing air cooling solutions through a pioneering spirit that is unequalled in the industry. From inventions to innovations, energy responsibility to environment stewardship, Symphony is well positioned to be an air cooling technology leader well into the future.

Our parentage of Symphony is a strategic advantage in advancing us towards becoming a global technology leader in air cooling. Leveraging this lineage, we continue to expand in global markets and build a wider international distributor network. By growing our existing presence around the world and increasing the momentum of overseas business, we are rebuilding and optimizing Keruilai at every level.

Products & Solutions

Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

Quality Commitment

Today, Keruilai is a powerful and trusted air cooling brand. To us, our brand name, that we imprint on our products with pride, represents a commitment we make.


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